FutureSTEP Tap Company


FutureSTEP Tap Company is a pre-professional tap dance company for ages 10-25 in residence at Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio (NJ) and under the direction of Hillary-Marie.


FutureSTEP Tap Company is a home for passionate tap dancers ages 10-25 looking to take their tap dance training to the next level by sharing their love of music and dance with live public performances throughout the tri-state area.


The company trains and performs 10 months of the year as the dancers focus on learning original and historical choreography while developing their individual voice in improvisation with opportunities for live music collaboration.


AUDITIONS are by appointment only.


Email FutureSTEPTapCo@gmail.com for more information


Email: Futuresteptapco@gmail.com

Phone: 973-878-2836