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 is a collaboration of world class tap dancer Hillary-Marie and international beatbox champion Mark Martin, combining virtuosic multi-disciplinary musical performance with storytelling and comedy.

Tap Dance & Beatbox

Both tap dancing and beatboxing draw their traditions from creative resourcefulness, using the power of imagination to transform oneself into an instrument. Tap dance and beatboxing are distant cousins, now together on stage digging into their shared past and the potential of their future.

The Story

FEETBOX is the story of two strangers who speak different languages finding a common rhythmic tongue, so they can connect and help each other get to where they are going. Together, Hillary-Marie and Mark Martin explore the power and scope of imagination to create immersive worlds of sound that the audience is encouraged to inhabit and explore as the story unfolds in front of them. Through the power of storytelling, human connection and interaction (and a good belly laugh), this engaging, captivating and hysterical experience is a lesson on how heartfelt communication is the key to connection in this increasingly lonely world.


A Sonic Playground

FEETBOX uses vocal percussion, body percussion, beatboxing, tap dancing, sound effects, and clowning to create a sonic playground where they explore and play with the world around them to find meaningful connection and common ground. Exploring different genres of music from jazz to blues, rock, funk, latin, house, edm, and pop, taking turns creating different instruments and melodies through their creativity, audience members of all ages will learn to find their own voice as they are invited into this sonic playground, learning vocal percussion, body percussion and beatbox in a friendly and accessible way.

FEETBOX is available as a 30-minute or 50-minute performance. 

Community Outreach


In addition to the live performance, FEETBOX offers community outreach programs which can be designed for a general audience or specifically for young people. 


  • Interactive masterclass

  • Lecture on the history of tap dance and beatboxing

  • Post-performance discussion

  • Q&A talk back

  • Open rehearsal

  • Professional development workshops for artists

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