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Sole Music Collective

A Musical Odyssey that gives a visual to the rhythm we hear

Hillary-Marie’s Sole Music Collective is percussive dance at its finest – music for the soul created by the soles of the feet. Celebrating the diverse contributions of two thriving American art forms, Tap Dance and Jazz Music, the Sole Music Collective gives a visual to the rhythm we hear and a voice to the dance that we see by approaching tap dance as a musical instrument and visual performance art with live music collaborations and a strong improvisational presence to culminate in the ultimate form of storytelling. A musical odyssey shared by world-renowned musicians, the artistry of the Sole Music Collective is guaranteed to bring audience members and listeners to their feet. Hillary-Marie's Sole Music Collective is home to the Herspective Series, Soul Walk The Show, VIBE and the #GetInClass Scholarship Fund.